September 2020 Update

BOO!! 👻 

I’ve got a ghoulishly delightful joke for you​, are you ready? 

What did the werewolf eat after he had his teeth cleaned?

… The Dentist ! 

I don’t know about you, but that joke make me cackle every time 😂

Ok, enough of the funny (and spooky) business, it’s time for me to tell you what we have added to extendedReach since our last update

Last but not least, we are thrilled to announce our new CEO, Katie Cortes! 🎉 Click here to get to know Katie. 

That’s it from us! Have a fang-tastic day 🎃

extendedReach CEO Announcement

As we shared last month, extendedReach and KaleidaCare have joined efforts to deliver new functionality, performance, and support for extendedReach customers. The extendedReach platform that you know and love is here to stay, and we are accelerating our investment in the performance, security, and functionality for our users.  

Over the coming months, you will see some new names and faces as we continue to integrate our teams to ultimately operate as a unified company supporting both products.   We are excited to introduce Katie Cortes, who will serve as CEO of both extendedReach and KaleidaCare. Katie joined KaleidaCare in January 2020 after a decade of leading business and technical teams in the social impact space.  She is thrilled to lead this next chapter at the company and help achieve the potential that lies in the years ahead. Adam Fenstermaker and Matt Bidwell, extendedReach co-founders, will continue as business and technology leaders at the company, serving as Chief Revenue Officer and Chief Product Officer respectively. 

Thank you for the tremendous support you have shown as a valued extendedReach customer. We are excited about this next phase in our partnership and remain committed to your success.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

New Feature: Lockdown Case Religion and Language Keywords

On the General tab of the case screen, you may have noticed a little green plus icon next to the religion and language drop-downs. When the green plus icon is clicked on, a pop-up window appears which allows workers to enter in values that may not be available in the standard drop-down list.

To prevent workers from adding their own values and to make them choose from the standard selection, go to Program Settings > Programs > Select the appropriate program > Setup tab > Show Advanced Options.

To restrict new religion values from being added, enable “Cases: Do not allow new religion keywords to be assigned (advanced)”. To restrict new language values from being added, enable “Cases: Do not allow new language keywords to be assigned (advanced)”. Note: notice in the screenshot below, there is also a way to lockdown race keyword changes!

Once one or all of the settings are enabled, the associated field will not display the green plus icon, preventing new keywords from being added.

New Feature: Hide Staff Documents and Trainings from Non-Administrators

Prior to this feature, non-administrative staff could go to the Staff directory under Summaries > Staff, and look at the directory, training, compliance tracking, and events + expirations. They had unrestricted access to the staff directory, allowing them to view the compliance tab, documents tab, and training tab.

They could not view confidential information such as SSN, personal addresses, or document attachments. However, they could view training attachments.

With this new feature, they will only be able to access the staff directory, and the Compliance, Documents, and Training tabs will be hidden.

Only full administrators and restricted staff administrators will be able to view the Compliance, Documents, and Training tabs and the training, compliance tracking, and events + expirations views.

To enable this setting, go to Organization Settings > Organization Preferences > Settings tab > enable the setting “Staff: Hide other staff’s documents & training from non-administrators (full/staff)”.

August 2020 Update

The time is coming… for P.S.L!  🍂

And no…  not Pumpkin Spice Latte, silly! 

P.S.L = Practical System Launches! i.e. new updates to extendedReach!

Ok, I’ll admit, that acronym isn’t the greatest, but our development team sure is! Here’s what we have added to extendedReach since our last update

P.S. for all you new users out there, we are hosting our monthly New User Training on September 11th! Click here to register. 

Have a wonderful month!